Kai is an English born, New Zealand raised artist working and living in Melbourne. He works on web based animation, music videos, 3D stills, and plenty more. Kai is self taught in all respects of what he does. He is the product of online tutorials, trial and error and the creative people around him.

His work can be seen across the Australian Open throughout all 3 arena’s at the event and has recently produced video’s for Radio New Zealand, Cup Of Kings App, IceBreak and Szymon’s “Blue Coloured Mountain”.

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The team at LUKSO were looking for a 3D refresh to their content for a display in Time Square for the NFT NYC event. The aim was to bring to life a fun visual representation of some of LUKSO's functions as a leading new Blockchain solution. We drew on existing assets they had, updated them and built new ones from the ground up to compile an isometric world of personified 3D UI components all working together around the central LUKSO chain.